Wills & Trusts

Ask yourself - do I have: Life assurance, pension death in service values, a house, savings & investments, premium bonds, cars, jewellery, bank accounts and foreign property - these are ALL classed as part of your estate when you pass away.


A grant of probate is the legal authority given to Executors so they can carry out their role. Executors cannot carry out their role without a Grant of Probate (where there is a Will) or Letters of Administration (where there is no Will) in those cases where probate is needed.

Power of Attorney

Accidents, car crashes, sporting injuries and strokes are among the least expected causes of incapacity, and if you lose capacity, bank accounts (even joint ones) are likely to be frozen, and on top of that you can't receive any inheritance either.


We offer FIXED FEES and offer an excellent service and value for money. Most of our meetings can be virtual and we've passed the cost savings on to you. But we can still do in-person home visits if you live in the North East.

Quality of Service

Our customers tell us they are very satisfied with the service and documents we provide them. You receive drafts first for checking and when you are satisfied we produce the high quality glossy versions.


ou must trust your will-writer and you should only use one that is regulated and insured. Our membership of the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) ensures we are trusted, insured and experienced in what we do. IPW membership requires strict entrance exams, continued learning, strict adherence to it's strict Code of Practice and high standards of business. Furthermore, the Trading Standards Institute approves our practices. Only the IPW has Trading Standards Approval for willwriting.


We're always on hand to assist you with your queries, and you can be sure of a prompt response to calls, often within the hour if not straight away. TRY US. We always speak to you in a friendly and down-to-earth manner, in plain English not legal jargon.

Making it Easy

You will be surprised how easy we make it for you. You just need to think about:

  • Value of your estate
  • Choosing your Executor and Trustees
  • Guardians of children under 18
  • Who shall benefit from your Will
  • Do you wish to protect your home & hard-earned money for your loved ones
  • Do you wish to save Inheritance Tax