And once it's done - it's done! Why not let us explain it to you with no obligation at all on your part. Without a Will the law decides who gets what but this is unlikely to be in line with your wishes.

Most estates need to go through PROBATE and that is much easier (and cheaper) if there is a Will.

Ask yourself - do I have: Life assurance, pension death in service values, a house, savings & investments, premium bonds, cars, jewellery, bank accounts and foreign property - these are ALL classed as part of your estate when you pass away.

Other reasons to consider making a Will

  • Without a Will, children can inherit part of your home and make you sell it
  • Unmarried partners are entitled to nothing
  • You can reduce Inheritance Tax with a tax-effective Will
  • You then have peace of mind that you've made financial provision for your loved ones
  • And once its done... it's done!

Speaking to us to us is FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. You’ve really nothing to lose.

Protecting wealth by using a TRUST

Imagine an envelope of cash - a Will writes a name on the envelope but the named person can do whatever they like with the money, including losing it in a divorce settlement, or paying tax on it when they pass away.

But a TRUST offers PROTECTION around that cash for generations! .

It shields your wealth meaning future creditors or new spouses can't get at it.
This really is “having your cake and eating it!”
Trusts can be activated now, or on your passing.


  • Protect beneficiaries from losing inheritance in a future divorce.
  • Can shield from inheritance tax.
  • Look after inheritance for disabled people.
  • Protect beneficiaries that can’t adequately manage their affairs such as addictions or unreliability.
  • Protect assets passing to future partners and provide a form of pre-nup.
  • Reduce or completely avoid the cost and delay of probate.
  • Let beneficiaries decide when they should inherit.
  • Give you peace of mind that your affairs are all sorted out but they also give you flexibility to amend your planning if family circumstances change.