Does your preferred Will advisor give you the protection you need?

Does your preferred Will advisor give you the protection you need?
All too often I hear of people writing Wills who’s main specialism is
Financial advice
Mortgage brokerage
House conveyancing
Criminal defence

Please ask yourself these simple questions:

Q Does your ‘specialist’ actually specialise in Wills?

Q When did they last do any training or professional development?

Q Are they a member of any regulatory organisation (voluntarily or otherwise)?

Q Does that organisation require entrance exams, insurance and offer a dispute resolution service any maybe backing by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute?

Or are they just relying on software with minimal / no training?

A wise man once said to me two things:
“A little knowledge is dangerous”
“Pay cheap – pay twice”

There are lots of advisors who see willwriting as a bit of a side line, and whose specialism is NOT writing Wills. They rely on software rather than proven knowledge thinking it’s “easy to write a Will”. However, it isn’t so easy to write a good Will.

Wills, Trusts & Powers of Attorney is all I do - I don’t dabble in other people’s specialisms.

I also CHOOSE to be regulated by the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) and backed by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute. The IPW has a strict code of practice, insurance, entrance exam and stringent CPD requirements (oh and if needed an independent dispute resolution process).
Some willwriters have similar; many have NONE at all.

When your advisor gives financial, mortgage or other important advice you are there if things go wrong. But your Will only ‘speaks from the grave’ meaning when it can be used you are DEFINITELY NOT HERE to sort out anything that is wrong with it!

Please make sure your Will advisor knows what they are doing and that you are protected if they get it wrong.

We all rely on goodwill - make sure yours is a good Will!!

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